Our Pricing

                If you are unfamiliar with the beef industry, it’s a very complicated system based on what stage beef is butchered at and how the price of the beef is quoted.  That can include on the hoof, hanging weight, cut weight, whole, half, quarter, cuts, aged, trimmed, and so forth. 

                Our pricing is very straightforward, and we will provide a spreadsheet calculator to inform you exactly what the cost will be of your beef depending on the “hanging weight”. 

                Hanging Weight is defined as “Once the animal is slaughtered, however the skin, head, non-usable organs, and hooves are removed and the carcass is split down the middle and weighed, giving the butcher the hanging or carcass weight, which is usually around 60- 63% of the live weight.”

                Our pricing is based strictly off hanging weight.  We sell our beef in wholes or halves, whole being the entire carcass or a half being half of the carcass.  Our prices start at $5 per lb hanging weight.  There is a 10% discount on the price per lb if we receive a $500 deposit on the beef at the time we sign a contract.  All sides of beefs we sell whether a whole or a half require a $250 deposit at the time we sign a contract. 

                If you are not wanting a half of beef, we can pair you up with a customer that is looking for a quarter as well.  The meat of a half will be split 50:50 between you and the other customer.  If you were to buy a quarter from a butcher or other meat producer, there is a front and a hind quarter.  The cuts of meat vary differently between the front and the hind quarters, and it’s not fair to our consumers to randomly select who gets the better cuts of meat when they order a quarter.  Splitting a half is the fairer process on buying a quarter and you get the same pricing.  You can also get a friend or family member to go in with you on a half of beef to make it easier. 

                On a steer estimated to have a live weight of 912 lbs.  your estimated hanging weight is around 547 lbs.  The consumer price for a half with the $500 deposit would be $1,292.76 for a half of beef and $2,336.00 for a whole beef.  

                Our pricing does not include the butchering of the animal.  We will take the steer to Western Way Meats in Moriarty, New Mexico and our customers will be responsible for the butchering.  Western Way can custom cut and let you keep any part of beef you may wish to keep.  You can determine what cuts of steaks you want, what kind of roasts you want, how much hamburger you want, sweet meats, liver, heart, bones, and or hide you want to keep from the animal.  With the custom butchering you also get to determine how long your beef is aged hanging and what final wrapping you want with your beef, either cryovac shrink wrap or plastic and paper wrap.  The butcher will give a cut sheet with instructions on how to order your final product.  Western Way Meats butchers for many local grocery chains, local customers, and has always had an outstanding reputation for their final end products.  Their prices are as follows:

$75 Slaughter fee (NM Smart Meats will cover this with the deposit paid ahead of time)

$0.75 a lbs hanging weight for plastic and paper wrapping

$1 per lbs hanging weight for cryovac shrink wrapped meat.

Contact NM Smart Meats to place an order:


Why Buy Beef in Bulk?

If you are making the SMART decision to feed your family grass fed beef the savings are substantial compared to what you would be paying for grass fed beef in the grocery store.  The average whole sale price for a grass-fed ribeye steak in May 2018 is $18.96 per lbs.  Our meat is priced out at $6.09 per lb of finished meat including the grass-fed ribeye steak.  That’s a whopping savings of $12.87 per lbs for the cost of a ribeye steak! Or a 67.88% savings on your cost of beef!!

Whole sale prices are based on the following USDA report https://www.ams.usda.gov/mnreports/lsmngfbeef.pdf