About Us




              We are a small family run beef operation located in Edgewood and Moriarty, New Mexico.  All of our beef is hormone and antibiotic free throughout its entire life.  Born in the Estancia Valley, we take pride in the local agriculture producers and the impacts that they have near and far.  Local grass-fed beef is by far the best choice for your family when you are looking for healthier, more economic, and more informed options on how to feed your family. 

              As far as a local approach goes: we are supporting the local rancher, alfalfa producer, feed store, butcher, and consumer with our approach.  Our beef has never been on a packed cattle truck, never spent time in a grain fed feed lot, and has only known the New Mexico sun its entire life.  The less stress you have on a cow from the calf stage to the finishing stage, the healthier and all around better product we can give to our customers. 

              We are happy to talk to you and show you where our cattle come from, where they are finished, and how our operation works.  Thank you for looking at our company and we hope that you do make the SMART choice when it comes to feeding your family. 



              All too often we hear people asking where they can buy grass fed beef direct from a rancher, but don’t know how to go about it.  The local rancher doesn’t have time to market directly to the consumer if they wanted to.  The rancher raises a wholesome grass-fed product that typically goes to grain feed once it gets sold at auction.  From there the cattle will change hands many times in its life to where it will finally end up at the grocery store where the consumer buys it at retail prices.  We are here to connect the consumer with the rancher to make an educated decision to feed their family a wholesome product.  The environmental impact is far less than the typical grain fed beef and grass-fed beef sold at a grocery store, and not to mention the substantial price savings the consumer will get from buying local grass-fed beef direct from the source.


           Currently our steers come from a local ranch in Claunch, NM where we help and watch in the raising of them from calf to yearling steer.  The cattle are born on grass pasture in New Mexico, raised on grass pasture in NM, weaned on grass pasture in NM, and bought by us to finish on grass pasture in NM.  Thanks to George Cook and Duane and Shelly Frost, we are able to bring you a high quality product that is cared for and raised on native New Mexican grass from the first stages of it’s life.  We bring them up to our ranch here in the Estancia Valley where we are able to keep a closer eye on the steers to be sure they are intaking proper nourishment which in the end ensures a tastier and richer cut of beef for you.  We have literally had a hands-on approach from the birth of the cattle, to the branding of the steer, to the weaning, and to the hand picking and finishing stages of the beef. 

We pride ourselves in our final product and the process that benefits everyone in every step from the birth of the calf to the final product on your table. We are glad to be able to help you and your family make a SMART decision on feeding your family.